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General FAQ

Where can I find the retailers for Cimilre products in Singapore?

The products are currently only available at our showroom at 1002 Jalan Bukit Merah, #04-02, Singapore 159456.

To keep the product affordable for our mummies; we are not working with the mainstream malls and outlets which will cause the price to increase significantly. 

What are the differences between the Cimilre breast pumps?

Cimilre S6 Plus Comparison
Cimilre Motif Luna Comparison
Cimilre P1 Comparison
Model Cimilre S6+ Cimilre Motif Luna Cimilre P1 Portable 
Grade Hospital Grade Hospital Grade Portable
Sound 38dB 45dB 45dB
Battery Up to 4 hours None-mains only Up to 2 hours
Hands Free Yes No Yes
Breast Shield 2 sizes -  24mm or 28mm 4 sizes - 21, 24, 28 or 32 mm 2 sizes -  24mm or 28mm
Weight 850g 925g 250g
Size 170 x 210 x 85mm 180 x 210 x 91mm 95 x 100 x 35mm
Suction 330mmHg ±20% 330mmHg ±20% 280mmHg ±20% 
Expression Levels 12 levels 12 levels 10 levels
Cycle Speed 5 levels between 30 and 46 cpm 5 levels between 30 and 46 cpm 1 level
Modes 2 modes - massage and expression 2 modes - massage and expression 2 modes - massage and expression
Double Pump Yes Yes Yes
Closed System Yes Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes
Memory Function Yes Yes Yes
Nightlight 3 brightness levels 3 brightness levels None

How do I select the correct breast shield size?

Step 1: 
Using a ruler, measure the diameter of your nipple (across the widest part of your nipple).
Do not include the areola when measuring nipple size. 

Step 2: 
Take your measurement and refer to the table below to determine your recommended breast shield size. 

Nipple Diameter (mm) 





Breast Shield Size (mm)





Which brand’s accessories are compatible with Cimilre pumps?

Cimilre breast pumps are closed-system breast pumps.

It is compatible to use with most of the brands in the market with a closed-system breast shield kit. 


Note: Medela's tubing is not compatible with Cimilre pumps.

How often should I sterilize my pump accessories?

We advise mummies to sterilize the accessories after each use.

However, the frequency and method of sterilization are up to your own comfort and your baby’s needs.

How often should I change my pump accessories?

With daily or frequent use, accessories will be prone to wear and tear.
A decrease in pump suction may indicate that the accessories are worn out and it is time to get new accessories.

For normal daily pumping, accessories can be changed every 2-3 months or when a decrease in suction is present.

The part that would be most prone to wear and tear would be the valves. Expect to change the valves about every 2 months.

Are Cimilre pump accessories BPA-free?

Yes, Cimilre accessories are all BPA-free.


How long is the warranty?

Cimilre Singapore provides a 2-year warranty for all breast pumps purchased directly from us or Authorised Retailers. 

Can we send our breast pumps in for servicing/repairs?

Cimilre Singapore will service all pumps within their warranty period.

For breast pumps with an expired warranty, the servicing fee will be $30. Additional charges are also applicable for the parts replaced and courier service, if applicable. 

Cimilre Singapore reserves the right not to cover warranty or service any pumps purchased from retailers not listed on our website.